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Mental Hamster was founded by Aarron Lambo and his brother Harrie. The business was originally named ‘Alpha Training’ with the rebrand taking place in May 2018.

The business was formed around Aarron’s ever-growing social media presence. He quickly became known for being a controversial character. Inspiring people with his own experiences, problems and success. The main purpose for his social media was to air his views and to speak the truth.

Aarron has spent his entire adult life in the health & fitness industry. He had competed internationally in bodybuilding at an early age, became friends with some top pros and influential people within the industry. Through sheer determination, before he was 30 years old, he opened up his own bodybuilding gym: Alpha Training Gym.

Harrie was relatively new to the fitness industry as his background was in website development and design. On moving to Northamptonshire, he spent several years working in a supplement shop, where he dealt with suppliers, athletes and the general public. This gave him considerable knowledge and insight in the supplement industry.

Aarron found that many supplement companies are ripping people off in regards to ingredients, dosages and misinforming the general public. This is when he enlisted help from his brother Harrie to help design the first product to help with weight management; this became the Alpha A5s.

After getting the first product developed, sales were growing each day, causing the products to go out of stock frequently. It was then they knew they had to dedicate more time, more money and more stock in to growing the business further. This is when they started to increase the machines and staff at their manufacturing depot.

Eventually, as the success grew, more products were getting designed and developed. The range of supplements became: Bipolar pre-workout, Pure Alpha testosterone boosters, Alpha Trilogy whey protein, Kaal-El intra-workout. Most recently they produced a world’s first weight loss coffee, named Alpha Aspresso.

As the product line started to grow with a second range called Core Essentials, so did their premises. From working at Alpha Training Gym, it was clear they needed to get dedicated offices from which to work from. The offices were quickly outgrown, so a clear choice was presented whereby they needed a large unit with warehouse space, offices and meeting rooms with also enough space to move the gym all under one roof.

With the business growing each month, Aarron agreed to rebrand the business to sustain the continued rate of rapid growth. This is when it became known as Mental Hamster.
The company’s re-launch was at the UK’s Fitness Expo: BodyPower in 2018. After a welcomed reception and successful launch, it was then that the business started to take an even sharper growth incline.

Since then the business has further expanded into Sexy Monkey Bar, Mental Security and continues to set new levels. Natalie who is Aarron's sister also joined the team back in 2018 and has assisted in the business success & growth over the last 4 years. 

At this time, Mental Hamster/Mental Monkey now employs several people to help run and manage the business and it’s day-to-day activities. They now have a dedicated team to focus on new projects, plans and products to help drive the brand forward. 

Mental Monkey, the logo and the icon are Registered Trademarks and are exclusively owned by Mental Culture Group Ltd. 

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