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C+ Real Vitamin C Raw

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Mental Hamster C+
Mental Hamster C+ is another exceptional product from Mental Hamster containing nothing but pure potent Vitamin C powder which is sometimes referred to as Ascorbic Acid.

We have all heard of Vitamin C. It is something we hear about from a young age but what do we really know about it, and what does it do for us?

Tell us about Vitamin C:

  • When should I take it?
  • How much should I take?
  • How should I take it?
  • What does it do?
  • What is the best form of Vitamin C?

Supplement Facts / Ingredients

Serving Size - 1 scoop 1000mg
Servings per Container - 250
Pure high potency Vitamin C Powder

When should i take it?
  • We recommend that you take a serving with your first meal as this is an excellent time to do so and also helps us all to be consistent with our intake as it becomes part of our morning routine.

    How much should I take?

    We recommend 1 scoop. 1 level scoop of C+ is 1000mg of pure Vitamin C powder. There are 250 servings in one tub.

    How should I take it?

    Mix one scoop of Mental Hamster C+ with your preferred beverage. Take one to three servings daily. Do not exceed recommended amount. There is however no real preferred method. Taking it with a beverage of your choice is our preferred method however if you wish to add it to your cereal of choice that will also be acceptable.

    What does it do?

    In terms of what Vitamin C does we are merely providing a snapshot of the research that exists in relation to it.

  • May boost your immunity: It does this by assisting white blood cells function more effectively. This in turn helps to strengthen your skin’s natural defence systems. For added benefit this also helps wounds to heal faster.
  • May help prevent iron deficiency: Is this important very much so. The science Vitamin C can improve the uptake of iron from your food that may otherwise be poorly absorbed especially when from meat free sources. If you are vegan or vegetarian supplementing with Vitamin C would beneficial.
  • May reduce your risk of chronic disease: This has to do with free radicals and antioxidants something again which have all heard about. Vitamin C is near top of the tree when it comes to antioxidants and as a result it can boost your blood antioxidant levels by up to 30%. Higher levels of antioxidants helps to fight the free radicals and as a result reduce oxidative stress. By reducing oxidative stress you reduce your risk of chronic issues.
  • May help your memory as one ages: Low levels of Vitamin C have been linked to one being an increased risk whilst higher levels were seen to have a protective effect.

What is the best form of Vitamin C?

Ascorbic acid is vitamin C in its purest form. It is also the most bioavailable form of Vitamin C that you can get. What does bioavailable mean? Bioavailable or bioavailability is used to describe absorption by your body of in this case Vitamin C. It refers to the rate of absorption plus how it enters circulation in an unchanged form. This is one very important reason why Mental Hamster C+ is Ascorbic Acid it is the best and this matters, it matters a lot!

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